A substantial body of research exists that examines post-secondary student performance and retention patterns. Research is ongoing that explores multiple and interactive academic and non-academic factors impacting student success and graduation trends. The Student Achievement Team works closely with the Office of Institutional Research at Appalachian to stay informed of their work and specifically the results of their assessment efforts. It is extremely important for our team to review the performance and persistance data of our students over time. In addition, finding out why students leave or do not succeed academically is critical as we develop strategies or initiatives that impact student success.

Retention, Persistence, and Graduation Presentations and Research

Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning Retention reports and research site

Listed below are a few presentations and research for the Student Achievement Team or other areas on campus pursuing information about what affects and improves retention and persistence to graduation.  In some cases we explore data to understand our students better.  This helps us to better understand how to work with our students to achieve success.

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SATPresentationDec2012_Data_And_Retention_Findings_Questions.pdfPDF106.45 KB
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