Initial charge by Dr. Peacock brings about the Student Achievement Team

On November 3, 2003 Dr. Peacock formalized the Student Achievement Team and charged the initial membership by outlining the need for, the purpose and the scope of this effort.

Dr. Kenneth Peacock, Chancellor of Appalachian State University formalized and charged the Student Achievement Team (at the time designated "Retention Management Team") on November 3, 2003 as follows:

The retention of our students, in all of the meanings of the word, is a campus-wide responsibility. Retention measures are a performance indicator and an index of our holding power over our students. Appalachian’s commitment to retention is clear:

  • There is top-level administrative commitment for retention on our campus.
  • We have award winning special programs and services for first-year students.
  • We have special programs for honors students, student athletes, under-prepared and under-represented students, and service-learning.
  • We are a campus known for our excellence in teaching undergraduates.
  • Our Institutional Research Office shares assessment data with the entire community on a regular basis.

But there are other indicators of commitment to retention that are not so obvious on our campus:

  • Faculty and staff may not see that retention is a campus wide responsibility.
  • We may not know as much as we should about the characteristics and motivations of students who persist and those who don’t.
  • There is no agent solely responsible for overseeing retention.
  • There is no campus wide retention management strategy.

You are the group to take Appalachian’s commitment to retention, and, thereby, to student satisfaction and a richer academic culture, to the next level. You will determine appropriate retention measures, analyze the resulting data to identify interventions and programming to aid retention as well as to evaluate those interventions, and communicate retention issues and best practices across campus. Improving retention is a complex task. Student persistence and attrition have many and widely variant causes. Your work will not result in a quick fix for attrition problems, for there is none. Instead, the efforts of this team will be multi-layered and on-going. Thank you all for your willingness to contribute to this important work.

Cindy Wallace, Vice-Chancellor of Enrollment Services provided an overview of current retention issues and data

Initial Team Membership:

Chair: Martha Stephenson

Recorder: Shirley Harris

Brinko, Kate
Byerly, Robin
Cameron, Phyllis
Clawson, Joy
Crees, Nikki
Doyle, Jeff
Early, Micki
Greene, Melanie
Haas, Judy
Hammett-McGarry, Carter
Hogan, Tina
Langdon, Heather
Malloy, Mark
Marsh, Robert
Miller, Tena
Morgan, Susan
O’Saben, Carol
Risk, Darlene
Robertson, Dave
Sanders, Lynn Moss
Scherlen, Renee
Setzer, Patrick
Stephenson, Martha
Street, Jim
Stroud, Kay
Wallace, Cindy
Williams, Harry
Williams, Lee
Wright, Tracey