Early Alert Working Group


Belinda Ballew: ballewbm@appstate.edu , chair

Rob Falvo: falvorj@appstate.edu

Al Harris: harrisal@appstate.edu

Vickie Hawkins: hawkinscv@appstate.edu

Kim Priode: priodeks@appstate.edu , note taker

Lori Townsend: townsendla@appstate.edu

Final Report:
  1. Identify best-practice strategies to implement early alert/mid-term progress reports at Appalachian (i.e., benchmark against peer and UNC institutions) as a pilot project for Fall 2014.
  2. Consider the recommendations of the Attendance Verification/Mid Term Grades Committee (2011-2012) of Student Achievement Team.
  3. Discuss ideas with those on campus who have an opportunity to implement recommendations.
  4. Develop implementation recommendations based upon local practice, Fostering Student Success, Banner/ITS capabilities, and best practices.

For more information about this subcommittee, or to provide suggestions, contact Chair, Belinda Ballew.