Changing and Declaring Majors: Potential Impact on Retention, Persistence, and Graduation


Jessica Long:  chair

Heather Lippard: note taker

Heather Langdon:

Clark Maddux:

Kathleen Lynch-Davis:

Nikki Crees:

Paul Stahlschmidt:

Dani Iannelli:

Final Report:

Changing And Declaring Majors Final Report


  1. Continue the work of the “Creating a Culture of Persistence/High Expectations” Committee’s (2012-2013) recommendations regarding four-year planning and changing majors to provide additional research/rationale and an implementation plan for improved four-year planning.
  2. Collect local data regarding changes of major on campus. What majors are students changing into? Or out of? How many changes of majors do students make? What is the impact on retention, persistence, and graduation? How many students do not declare a major at the required 60 hours? What happens to these students?
  3. Identify best-practice strategies for four-year planning and major declaration to address findings from local data (i.e., benchmark against peer and UNC institutions).
  4. Discuss ideas with those on campus who have an opportunity to implement recommendations.
  5. Develop recommendations for the implementation of programs or practices based upon local data and best practices.

For more information about this subcommittee, or to provide suggestions, contact Chair, Jessica Long.