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Academic Intervention Subcommittee


Propose and prioritize interventions that will promote student success, retention, and timely graduation. Include both new initiatives and enhancements to existing initiatives. Be mindful of resource limitations. Consider appropriate administrative location of initiatives. Include timeliness, goals, and responsibility for developing initiatives.

Suggested process
  • Review previous SAT recommendations
  • Catalog current and recent initiatives and gather assessment results (if available)
  • Consider both special populations and initiatives for all students.
Potential Subcommittee Goals

1) Create a learning community focused on students who need additional college curricular and co-curricular help. These students would live together and hopefully take a class together (lead - Jeff)

2) Develop an alcohol education program that would be administered to all incoming ASU students (lead - Kendal)

3) Explore the integration of existing peer leader positions into residence halls to provide mentoring and programming related to their departments of origin.

 4) Propose that incoming transfer students be given great priority for on-campus housing over students living on campus their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th years.

 5) Jeff then discussed Vice Provost Haney's suggestion that our group focus on students who dropped out this semester. Jeff has contacted the Registrar's office (Tina Parlier) and found out that they collect self-reported data from students who know in advance they will not be returning for the next academic semester. The link to the Notice of Intent Not to Return form is located online at

They have retained forms from Spring, 2006 to the present, however the information we are interested in really hasn't been logged in any formal way. Tina told us after they post the summer schedule on the 16th and complete final grading, they could have an employee begin working on this. They are willing to amend their procedures to begin retaining not only the nuts and bolts of who is leaving but why they are leaving as well.

 We wonder if we could take these student names and collect the following information on them and see if there are any patterns for dropping out - gender, race, SES, major, HSGPA, SAT, 1st gen., county, CSI score, etc. We could also consider contacting the students to find out their self-reported reasons for dropping out.

 6) Rahman felt like the our group should really focus on building community for our students using peer leaders. We discussed having students in FYS sections live in the same building with a peer leader from their class. At the end of the meeting Rahman suggested we talk to Jessica Fletcher in LAP, who oversees SI, to see if we could make SI more exciting by increasing its focus on building relationships and community among attendees in addition to reviewing the content from the class. We thought it might be good to have Jessica come to our next meeting to discuss SI and our idea.

Current Semester Resource Links - Spring 2010

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